ASTRA Solidarity statement with Slovakia

Today, on December 8th, ASTRA Network - Central and Eastern European Network for Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights - stands in solidarity with all women and human rights defenders in Slovakia demanding that abortion be legal, truly accessible, and safe. ASTRA strongly condemns all efforts to restrict access to abortion in Slovakia.

Accessing safe abortion is a matter of human rights, social justice, bodily autonomy and a basic health concern. In countries where abortion is illegal, criminalised or not effectively accessible, women, young women and transpersons resort to unsafe procedures which can lead to complications. Those who can afford it travel abroad for the procedure or use medical abortion accessible to those with access to information and economical means. The widespread stigma associated with abortion makes the situation even more difficult and dangerous. Additional barriers leading to discrimination in the health sector are faced by migrants and refugees, youth, persons with disabilities, low-income people and those living in rural areas.

Recent developments in Central and Eastern Europe have put reproductive rights of women and girls under severe pressure and once again it has become clear that abortion rights must be fought for, upheld and secured – in Slovakia, Poland, Croatia, Lithuania and across the region. Women’s bodies have become a symbol of national heritage and issue of national dispute in the context of religious and medical ethics, not that of human rights, health and bodily autonomy.

Despite numerous existing barriers abortions take place every day. This will never change! There are no laws or punishments that will remove abortion from our lives.

Through this statement we join the collective movement of women in Slovakia and stand in solidarity across borders.

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