Do you feel safe? Discussion on feminist approaches to security

Issues related to individual and collective security in Central and Eastern Europe have been reshaped after the Russian full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. However, discussions (not only) in Slovakia seem to be polarised and driven by righteousness rather than efforts to understand the situation. Examining various aspects of political history, national defence, and feminist security studies, this panel discussion aims to contribute to the differentiation of current debates. In conversation with Zuzana Maďarová, historian Andrea Pető (Hungary), sociologist Weronika Grzebalska (Poland), and researcher in IR Míla O'Sullivan (Czech Republic) will talk about questions, such as:

  • What are the key challenges for the security of Central and Eastern Europe?
  • What changes in defence of countries in the region can we observe over the recent years?
  • How do everyday aspects of security that relate to gender-based violence, the masculinized nature of institutions, or living and working conditions relate to the security of countries?
  • What can history reveal about women's critical patriotism in Central and Eastern Europe?
  • What do we ask for when we ask for peace?

Join us:

WHEN: 23 November 2022 at 17.30

WHERE: A4 – Space for Contemporary Culture, Bratislava

The discussion will be held in English.


The event is organised by ASPEKT in cooperation with the Prague Office of Heinrich Böll Stiftung e.V.

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