Join the protests against the restriction of sexual and reproductive rights in Slovakia

In October, the Slovak Parliament will vote again on a bill that aims to further restrict access to safe and legal abortion. The proposed amendment is part of a systematic effort to restrict sexual and reproductive rights - nearly two dozen proposals to restrict access to abortion have been submitted to parliament since 2018. The proposed bill poses as a help to women, but in reality it would threaten the life, health and dignity of women and other people with uterus.

Therefore, the feminist initiative We won’t Be Silent and citizens from various parts of Slovakia are organising protests against the bill, against the arrogance of power, protests for respectful and just society. The protests will take place between 18th and 20th October in several cities. The march in Bratislava is going to start on the eve of the parliamentary session during which the vote will be taken - on Monday 18th October at 5:30 p.m.

In the meantime, people can express their disagreement with the proposed bill in the public space and on social networks. They can write messages for the Parliament or for the people to whom they wish to show support on wooden spoons. They can take the decorated wooden spoons to a public place, take a picture of them and post them on social media with the #WeWontBeSilent, #NebudemeTicho, #FutureIsCare and #BuducnostJeVarecha hashtags.

The wooden spoon has become a symbol of protests against the restriction of sexual and reproductive rights in Slovakia. It symbolises care and work that is feminized. It is work that underpins the whole society, but which is also undervalued, invisible and taken for granted. But the wooden spoon can really mix things up. In the struggle for a just society, the wooden spoon - just as care or „women’s work“ - is transformed into a subversive tool, an instrument of our resistance

We join the global feminist struggle against sexual, political and economic violence fought by movements from Argentina, Chile, USA, Ireland, Poland, Macedonia, Georgia, India, South Korea, Kenya or Nigeria.


How to join the struggle for reproductive justice in Slovakia?

  1. Adopt a wooden spoon

For a financial gift, you can adopt a wooden spoon. We will write a heartfelt message on it, place it in a public space, take a photo of it and flood social media with wooden spoons and your messages. We will use the donation for mobilisation and upcoming protests.

Account number: IBAN: SK52 1100 0000 0029 2190 2147

Bank: Tatra banka, a.s.


Organisation: Možnosť voľby

In the message to the recipient, please write: We won’t be silent

 You can follow the adventures of the wooden spoons on Facebook ( / #NebudemeTicho / #WeWontBeSilent / #BuducnostJeVarecha) and Instagram (@nebudemeticho / #NebudemeTicho / #WeWontBeSilent / #BuducnostJeVarecha).

  1. Take a wooden spoon for a walk in solidarity

Write a message on a wooden spoon for the Slovak Parliament or for the people you want to express solidarity with. Take the wooden spoon to a public place (e.g. Embassy of Slovakia, square, park, clinic etc.), take a picture of it and post it on social media with hashtags:








  1. Organise an event in your city

You can organise a public event in solidarity with women and all the people who would be affected by the bill too. It can be a protest, march, book club, discussion, small gathering... whatever works for you. Message us on Facebook or Instagram and we can coordinate with you.

  1. Support your local feminist initiatives regularly

Because protests are only the first step in building a just society.



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